About Facility Management Solutions
As one of the world’s leading authorities and suppliers of nano technology we are looking to target our UK growth by recruiting Licensed Partners to work with us.Offering unequalled Infection control, surface protection and long term disinfection.Bleach and disinfection clean surfaces but allow almost immediate reconalisation of harmful bacteria, the rise of the super bugs and the fear of antibiotics no longer being as effectiveSTOP there is a fully effective “green” solution, with full scientific back up and support.If you are open minded and prepared to be amazed; believe that you can build long term relationships with clients, and want to earn in excess of £100,000.00 paContact us nowThis opportunity goes live on 1st July 2016The partner fee is £10,000.00 + VATHowever for the first 10 Partners it will be a two stage payment £1,000.00 when you sign up £9,000.00 at the end of year one.We make money with our partners not out of themOur target clients will be facility management companies, schools, care facilities, hospitals and many more.