Cost-Reduction Management Consultancy
Cost-reduction consultants can add significant value to organisations of all sizes.  In the following information, we hope to show you just how important procurement is.My business opportunity ‘cost-reduction consultancy’ will appeal to dynamic individuals with the motivation and desire to build a profitable business, assisting organisations of all sizes become more profitable, more viable and more secure, by identifying and implementing an enhanced procurement strategy.Cost reduction / cost management are the buzz words in any well-run organisation, when offered as a no win, no fee, risk-free proposition, interest is aroused.Our recruitment program is designed to ensure substantial income for partners as early as possible; this is achieved not by training you how to become a procurement expert overnight, for the right individuals we offer the opportunity to become a licensed partner, working with Racoe and their network of spend specific specialists.This strategy maximises the results for your clients, maximises your income potential, and keeps the cost of joining to a minimum.Some companies profit from you joining; if you join ‘My Business Opportunity‘ as a cost-reduction consultant, we work together and earn together.
What Customers are Saying about our cost-reduction consultants!
This cost-reduction service has just saved my school 33% on our annual gas expenditure, outstanding. – Brian (Hampshire)
We were really surprised that they were able to find so many savings, we really thought we were on top of this.– Katherine (Wiltshire)
A big thanks to Paul who worked tirelessly with our financial team and saved our company approximately £60,000 on our waste management and power expenditure.– David (Yorkshire)
Why wouldn’t every business allow  a cost-reduction review, as an accountant reviewing spend is a high priority.– Steve (London)
Training and Business Development
  • One day in the training room and you will have the confidence to engage with clients, with the full support of the team and associates behind you.
  • Your role as a licensed partner will be to build and maintain relationships, presenting the savings identified by the team, and assisting your clients with the implementation.
  • Partners can draw leads from the in-house lead generator system; however the best business will come from professional contacts, networking and referrals.
  • Each partner will have access to an award-winning business coach, to maximise both business and personal development, allowing you to exceed even your own expectations, we have negotiated substantial discounts on your behalf (as you would expect) however the cost is borne by you and not us.
Coaching is optional and can be opted in and out of at any time.
Do businesses need a cost-reduction service?
The business world has moved on from the general to the specific; let’s use your doctor, the local GP (General Practitioner) as the perfect example, he / she is the conduit to the specialists. The GP has a general knowledge base but knows that the patient will be better served with a dedicated specialist.The cost-reduction model works the same; our Partners are the GP’s, the first point of contact, the relationship builder and manager, and the conduit to the specialists.Nobody can have the in-depth knowledge needed to maximise procurement across all areas of spend. The most essential aspect of running a business is financial control, many companies fail; failure does not just mean going out of business, failure to hit growth or profit targets severely damages the value of a business and its ability to fund planned growth, stay competitive and in turn survive.This occurs from insufficient financial control, out of control costs, poor cash flow, and poor margins.Well managed procurement not only reduces the cost of goods and services but also helps build supplier relationships, working together to identify better and more effective sources of supply and directly impacting on the bottom line.Procurement has always been necessary, but in recent years, it has become a strategic function separated from finance, celebrated as playing a pivotal role in the success of the organisation, in a way that old-fashioned purchasing managers could never have imagined.

Is cost-reduction consultancy the right business for you?

Most companies tell you how easy and profitable it is to follow their business model.If the manual is well written, and the training structured, within an industry that someone is willing to pay for the product or service delivered, you have the foundation of a good business, but you still need the key ingredients, the right individual.That ingredient is passion, enthusiasm and pride, these make successful individuals standout and outperform the competition, passion, enthusiasm and pride will outperform the best products, services and knowledge, and the best business plan.Our advice is, pick a business that makes you walk tall and feel proud, it needs to light your fire.The best advocate for any business is enthusiasm; can you get passionate about our / your business?The Racoe business is not for everyone; anyone can do it, but not everyone will delight in making every business they work with better, when we are offered the opportunity to work with a new client we get the opportunity to deliver more profit to the owners, more job security to the staff, added levels of safety and compliance, improved products and services to our clients, clients. We can, and do make a real difference.We get paid not for hours behind a desk, not for great salesmanship, Racoe and its team are rewarded by enhancing our clients business.The Racoe “sale” is unlike a conventional sale, if a client agrees to work with us, it’s not a case of the cost; it’s how much can we return to our clients.

Examples of Client Savings

Below we have picked just a few different areas of savings that have been achieved for clients.A laundry business mobile account current monthly spend £254.00 Racoe specialists sent data for independent analysis, then using that data negotiated an offer of £98.00 pm a saving of over 60% Fees available to partner £655.20A nursing home, current spend on heating oil, £7000.00 pa the Racoe specialists identified the use of technology would achieve a saving of 17% Fees available to the partner £624.75A marketing company, current spend on printed material, £36,000.00 the Racoe specialist identified a saving of 15% Fees available to partner £2835.00A marina, Racoe dealt with their overdue mooring fees, £28,000.00 was recovered Fee’s available to partner £2,800.00A pub, Racoe specialist identified a £2200.00 saving on beer wastage Fees available to partner £1155.00A night club, Waste, current spend £52,000.00 pa Racoe specialists identified a £33,000.00 saving Fees available to partner £17,325.00Merchant services, Racoe specialist identified a £7500 pa saving Fees available to partner £3937.00Security communication devices, Racoe specialists identified a £12,000.00 saving Fees available to partner £6300.00Energy, Racoe specialist identified a 35% saving Fees available to partner £11,576.25

Partner Annual Fee Matrix

No. of Clients1234567
Annual Savings
£ 1,000.00£ 2,100.00£ 4,200.00£ 6,300.00£ 8,400.00£ 10,500.00£ 12,600.00£ 14,700.00
£ 2,500.00£ 5,250.00£ 10,500.00£ 15,750.00£ 21,000.00£ 26, 250.00£ 31,500.00£ 36,750.00
£ 5,000.00£ 10,500.00£ 21,000.00£ 31,500.00£ 42,000.00£ 52,500.00£ 63,000.00£ 73,500.00
£ 7,500.00£ 15,750.00£ 31,500.00£ 47,250.00£ 63,000.00£ 78,750.00£ 94,500.00£ 110,250.00
£ 10,000.00£ 21,000.00£ 42,000.00£ 63,000.00£ 84,000.00£ 105,000.00£ 126,000.00£ 147,000.00
£ 12,500.00£ 26,250.00£ 52,500.00£ 78,750.00£ 105,000.00£ 131,250.00£ 157,500.00£ 183,750.00
£ 15,000.00£ 31,500.00£ 63,000.00£ 94,500.00£ 126,000.00£ 157,500.00£ 189,000.00£ 220,500.00
£ 17,500.00£ 36,750.00£ 73,500.00£ 110,250.00£ 147,000.00£ 183,750.00£ 220,500.00£ 257,250.00
£ 20,000.00£ 42,000.00£ 84,000.00£ 126,000.00£ 168,000.00£ 210,000.00£ 252,000.00£ 294,000.00
 When considering any new business venture, understanding your income potential is high on the agenda.The table above offers an indication.On the left-hand side is the amount of savings delivered to a client per annum, across the top are the number of new clients introduced per month, we have highlighted six numbers in the centre of the table, this is the partner's annual income.i.e. you bring on 3 new clients per month and we implement £10,000.00 of savings over the year for each the partner would receive £63,000.00

Cost-Reduction Consultants Investment

The Racoe business opportunity, ensures individuals the lowest possible investment, with the maximum possible returns.Racoe’s business model does not ask individuals to become specialists in a new field after just a few day’s training; we recruit individuals who have the ability to communicate and mix with senior executives and business owners.The Racoe model allows you to concentrate on building your rising monthly income, with the full support of experienced industry specialists.Racoe will supply:
  • Licensed partner agreement
  • Initial training
  • Ongoing training
  • Full head office support and back up
  • Group meetings
  • Business cards
  • Email account
Our initial fee is a one off: £500.00 + VAT Plus £100.00 + VAT per month ongoing What’s Next The team at Racoe are available to answer your questions; however it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence.This decision will affect your whole family, where appropriate get your nearest and dearest to work through the decision-making process with you.Support can be the difference between success and failure.  When investing in a business, the investment figure is the least important factor; the areas that you must be very comfortable with are:
  • The day to day activity that will generate your income
  • Your own financial position, underfunded businesses have the greatest rate of failure
  • Can you enthuse over your new business venture, if you are not enthusiastic your clients can’t be
  • The answer to the question, what’s next? It’s your decision, so you have to choose how and when to move forward.
Thank you for taking the time to look at our business, if this opportunity is not for you, good luck in finding something that is.RACOE offers licensed partners the opportunity to run their own home-based cost reduction consultancy.Minimal investment, maximum earnings.With RACOE, you are in business for yourself, rewarded by your skill, commitment and effort. This might be the first time you will earn what you are worth.If you have a track record of dealing with business owners and senior executives, and are looking for a new and rewarding business.Selling goods or services into any size organization has a number of challenges, the most common excuses are:
  1. Can’t afford it
  2. Don’t have the budget
  3. We are in contract
  4. We don’t need it
  5. No business can argue they can’t afford the Racoe service
  6. The service is free, to the point of identifying a saving, and when a saving is implemented the client pays our fees as a percentage of the saving achieved (positive cash flow)
  7. There are no budgetary issues
  8. We have a positive impact on budgets, delivering savings extends budgets allowing organizations to reinvest, or just enjoy greater profitability
  9. Businesses have to make buying decisions throughout every year
  10. When you offer any business a product or service, even with really good targeted marketing, most sales pitches are just at the wrong time.
  11. Every business needs to be run efficiently, the best businesses manage every aspect and constantly strive to make improvements.
  12. Every business retains the services of specialist, helping them deliver to the max
  13. Failure to investigate waste is bad business practice
 This Racoe business model ticks so many boxes,
  • It’s professional
  • It exceeds the clients expectations
  • It delivers real and tangible results
  • It builds long term business relationships
  • It delivers long term savings for clients
  • It delivers increased profitability
  • It creates secure long term income for partners
We are not looking at retraining you, we don’t need you to be analysts, or to understand the nuances of thirty different and highly complex areas of spend.If you have the business network, the ability to open doors, the desire to create long term highly profitable relationship with your clients, we should speak!The whole objective of Racoe is to apply specialist knowledge, to deliver outstanding results, not by general PURCHASING; by the intervention of specialist within each area of spend. Income potential:Savings achieved for client           £7,500.00 pa.                      £15,000.00 pa                     £30,000.00 paRacoe’s Fee’s  @ 35% of savings        £2,625.00 pa                       £5,250.00 pa                       £10,500.00 paPartner income 50% fee’s                 £1312.50 pa                        £2,625.00 pa                       £5,250.00 pa Our partners will be concentrating on relationships, as such a minimum of 2 -3 new clients a month would deliver.New clients / month1                                                              £15,750 pa                           £31,500 pa                           £63,000 pa2                                                              £31,500 pa                           £63,000 pa                           £126,000 pa3                                                              £47,250 pa                           £94,500 pa                           £189,000 pa4                                                              £63,000 pa                           £126,000 pa                        £252,000 pa
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